Marie Tosto

Artist Statement

When people ask me what kind of artwork do I make, my answer is that I am a mixed media artist. Most of my pieces are works on paper and employ a combination of drawing, painting and collage. My work often is categorized as abstract. However, I do not assign that label to myself since I am rarely abstracting my images from anything. I refer to myself as a non¬≠representational artist who learned a long time ago to let the work reveal itself. So, should a figure, bird, or something recognizable emerge…? I go with it. Once a substantial amount of ground has been explored, I pause, then go back into the work and make conscious choices. Those choices begin to guide the painting or drawing. The process then becomes a back and forth. I continue to step back, meditate, pray, stare indefinitely ¬≠- whatever! And the work in front of me manifests itself both intuitively and deliberately.

My current focus is a 365 day drawing challenge that explores pen on paper and the commitment that drawing everyday entails. The relationships between abstraction, representational, and the imaginary blur. Much like myself, the artwork can be considered progressively traditional or traditionally progressive. It depends on the day. And, it also depends on the viewer.